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1 Hancock or Hancock Visa credit cards are issued by Whitney Bank. “Hancock Bank” is the trade name used by Whitney Bank in offering and providing banking products and services through Whitney Bank in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Therefore, Whitney Bank will own all approved credit card accounts and sponsor any related rewards programs. All references to “Hancock Bank” shall mean Whitney Bank.

2 An “Eligible Credit Card Transaction” for which Points are earned is any signature-based transaction made using your Credit Card Account, net of any returns, credits or adjustments. Purchases that are initiated fraudulently or with a lost, stolen, counterfeit or cancelled card, gaming related purchases, cash access transactions (such as, but not limited to, cash advances, the purchase of travelers’ checks, money orders or cashier’s checks), cash access transactions designated as purchases and account fees or finance charges, if any, are not Eligible Credit Card Transactions. In addition, PIN-based transactions made using your Credit Card Account are not Eligible Credit Card Transactions.

See our terms and conditions for other important details upon successful log in. Please note participation in Points Plus rewards constitutes acceptance of the rewards program Terms and Conditions.

Cash Back rewards option is available to consumer customers only at this time.